Welcome to the website of the first Europe-wide P2P Carsharing Network !

We're glad to welcome you here on our membership network. We love walking, biking and public transport. We support carpooling and traditional carsharing as ways of achieving a transition to a more sustainable transportation system. But we know there are places in which you still need a car every now and again to do some errands, take the kids to school or go to work. And we are convinced you can use the car of your neighbour to do so.


Our goal is therefore to promote the widespread adoption of peer-to-peer carsharing in Europe, as we believe it has a huge potential, from an economic, social or environmental point of view.


We serve as a platform of popularisation of the P2P idea and are welcoming all companies to come and join our network.  


We're therefore reaching out to like-minded individuals, companies, government agencies and NGOs in order to make a transition to a more sustainable and  intelligent personal transportation system.


In order to know who has visited our website, you can leave a comment in our golden book. Have a pleasant visit !